Employees honoured in Dubai

15 January 2016 - To work for BAM! / International

BAM International’s Gulf and Middle East branch honoured 95 employees who had been in the company’s service for an extended time.

There were 54 employees who celebrated their 10-year jubilee and 40 who joined as long as 15 years ago. The function was held in our camp in Sonapur in Dubai. All received a set of gifts in company colours, a certificate and a cash reward.

From left to right: Stan Aarts (Project Manager Jebel Ali and Al Hamriyah project, Dubai), Danie Botha (Construction Manager, Jebel Ali), Jan van Betuw (Area Financial Controller), Maged Fares (Area Operation Manager) and Errol Mathias (Adminstration Manager). Jan hands out the gift to Ram Lol (Mason Chargehand).