Intern in Dubai

11 April 2016 - To work for BAM! / Internship / Graduate training / International

A civil engineering student at Delft University of Technology is getting a taste of life on site on the Jebel Ali Terminal 4 project.

Mark van Saase:

‘I knew well in advance that I wanted an internship in the Middle East. For a civil engineer, it’s the place to be. After some initial struggle to find a place, I got a call from BAM International and after a chat with Nikki Strous-Korinth (recruiter) it was confirmed that I would go to Dubai for five months – what an opportunity to see the real thing as opposed to taking notes in lectures!

And here I am, part of a great team on an impressive project with a lot of learning opportunities. My first job here was to work together with a supervisor on the creation of the causeway. And after only two weeks I had the chance to manage the works for a day!

There was a tight deadline on this part of the project and I remember people saying we absolutely couldn’t achieve it in time. It was a great feeling when we actually finished three days ahead of time!

As a student who has only seen examples of projects in lectures and a few live sites in the Netherlands I can say that this project is simply overwhelming. I did expect to like the job, but had no idea I’d love it this much. People from different religions and cultures, plans that change every day, making decisions about things I have never seen before and the tight schedule. And after three months it almost feels like business as usual.

This experience really gives me the feeling of being part of a great team of experienced people. I’m learning more and more each day. The next part of the internship will be more technical and will give me a better insight of what the real concrete works of a capping beam look like. I am very excited about this next part of my internship, in which I’ll probably be able to apply more of the things that I learned in college.’

Mark van Saase, Civil Engineering InternMark van Saase, Civil Engineering Intern