Code of Conduct – Doing things right

As BAM we want to do things right. This means that we operate in a safe, sustainable and ethical way. We therefore have a Code of Conduct. The Code sets the standard for doing things right at Royal BAM Group nv.

In the past 150 years we have transformed from a small carpentry business into one of the largest international firms in the field of Construction and Property, Civil engineering, as well as in Public-private partnerships in Europe. Our business is built on the behaviours of our more than 20,000 employees. We expect everyone working at or for BAM to do the right thing at all times and in all situations, so that we can further strengthen our business and protect our future together.

The BAM Code of Conduct supports:

  • What we do – designing, building, maintaining and developing buildings and infrastructure
  • Why we do it – to create sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives
  • How we do it – open collaboration; scalable learning; proactive ownership and predicable performance

Read the Code of Conduct of Royal BAM Group nv here.