Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of H.Th.E.M. (Henk) Rottinghuis (chairman), G. (Gosse) Boon (vice-chairman), B. (Bob) Elfring, D. (Denise) Koopmans, M.P. (Paul) Sheffield and Dr. N.M. Skorupska.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is formed by R.J.M. (Ruud) Joosten, CEO, and L.F. (Frans) den Houter, CFO.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Executive Board, two Chief Operating Officers (one for the business line Construction and Property and one for the business line Civil engineering), the Chief Business Excellence Officer, as well as the Chief HR Officer. The Executive Committee decides - with final responsibility lying with the Executive Board - on strategic issues and policies, based on input from the operating companies and functions.

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