BAM’s operating companies are active in two business lines: Construction and Property and Civil engineering, as well as in Public-private partnerships.


Business line Construction and property

The Netherlands:

BAM Bouw en Techniek

BAM Bouw en Techniek focuses on the commercial and technical development, preparation and construction of non-residential construction projects in the Netherlands and they also offer extensive services in the field of technical installations. They realise accommodation solutions that are flexible in terms of function, space and use. This ensures that the building and the installations are ready for the changing function and technology of the future.

BAM Residential

BAM Residential combines the activities of area and property development, residential construction, making existing housing more sustainable and renovating it. They also provide individual support for residents to make their house a real home. AM, BAM Wonen and Homestudios are part of BAM Residential.

BAM Specials

BAM Specials brings together many innovative and specialised activities in the field of construction and property. This company incorporates the business units BAM Energy Systems, BAM Modulair, BAM Materieel, BAM Industrie, Interflow, Schakel & Schrale, Bouwbedrijf Pennings, b.Home and Houtindustrie Stam & Landman. (Back)

United Kingdom: BAM Construct UK

The British activities in construction, property development, design, engineering services and facility management are united under the banner of BAM Construct UK. BAM Construct UK is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead. The operating company has regional offices spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales, making it one of the leading nationally active construction and property companies in the United Kingdom. It has around 2,400 employees. BAM Construct UK’s portfolio is characterised by the large number of sophisticated projects and services delivered to renowned private sector clients and through public sector frameworks. (Back)


From its registered office in Wilrijk, BAM Interbuild carries out non-residential and apartment projects with its workforce of approximately 275 people in Flanders and the Brussels region. The company is responsible for the realisation of various projects that are distinctive in terms of size and/or architecturally. (Back)

Ireland: BAM Contractors

BAM Contractors Ltd is a leading construction company in Ireland and employs approximately 750 staff. BAM Building operates in the Construction and Property business line and BAM Civil in the Infrastructure business line. BAM Building is one of the largest and most successful construction companies in Ireland; BAM Civil is market leader in the Irish civil engineering market. Activities also include rail infrastructure, facility management, volumetric modular housing and property development (BAM Property). BAM Contractors is actively involved in various education, courts and motorway Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Ireland. (Back)

Business line: Civil engineering

The Netherlands: BAM Infra

BAM Infra Nederland has a flat organisational structure with four business units. BAM Infra Multidisciplinary Contracts is responsible for projects worth more than thirty million euros. The local markets are served through BAM Infra Regions. BAM Infra Connect – which includes BAM Infra Telecom, BAM Infra Energy & Water and BAM Infra Rail - works mainly for network managers and for providers and cable companies. One of the largest engineering firms in the Netherlands, BAM Infraconsult collects all the acquired knowledge and is active both in the Netherlands and abroad. With its head office in Gouda, this operating company has a broad network of branch offices at its disposal. (Back)

United Kingdom: BAM Nuttall

BAM Nuttall continues to be one of the leading infrastructure contractors in the UK market. The company is active in all sectors of the civil engineering market on a national and a regional basis by means of a network of business units, divisions and subsidiaries with a workforce of over 3,000. (Back)

Germany: Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau

Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau has a leading position in the German civil engineering market. This operating company is based in Frankfurt am Main and has about 575 employees. Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau has a good reputation for bored tunnels and complex civil engineering projects and is therefore a highly sought-after partner for joint ventures, both in Germany and other countries, where it often works with local Group companies. (Back)

Worldwide: BAM International

Royal BAM Group undertakes construction projects outside Europe through its operating company BAM International. BAM International is active in Africa, Australia, Asia, the Middle East/Gulf States and America in the civil engineering, industry and non-residential construction sectors. The company is carrying out a range of both civil and marine engineering projects. The BAM International head office is located in Gouda. (Back)

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)


Invesis is a global investor and developer in infrastructure projects that create a lasting legacy for future generations. Invesis manages all aspects of an investment from development and financing through to design, construction, maintenance, operations, all the way through to hand back. Invesis has approximately 50 projects in its portfolio, with a capital value of €12 billion. Invesis is headquartered in the Netherlands and has staff based in seven countries. It is jointly owned by Royal BAM Group and pension fund manager and global investor, PGGM. (Back)

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