We have one clear mission at BAM – building a sustainable tomorrow.

Over the past three years, we've proven our ability to change for the better. By staying focused on our goals, we have taken significant steps in the right direction. Now, it's time to progress together. Our aim is not only to benefit our company but also to contribute to creating a sustainable future for our clients, colleagues, society, and future generations. We aspire to transition our business from conventional (grey) to environmentally conscious (green).

Our success lies in partnering with clients who share our values and prioritise sustainability in achieving their goals. By providing value-based, reliable, and sustainable solutions while upholding safety standards, we can achieve these goals together.

It's important that we take ownership, collaborate, and embrace diverse perspectives. We must challenge the status quo by rethinking not only our actions but also our approaches:

  • What if we replace diesel equipment with electric alternatives?
  • What if we turn this one-off project into a replicable concept?

What we do is significant, time-sensitive, and each one of us has a critical role to play in shaping a sustainable tomorrow.

It is not about changing course, but continuing on the journey which has brought us success. We will focus on selecting profitable projects which align with our sustainability targets, helping ensure we remain predictable, profitable, and sustainable in the future.

Recognising that maintaining the status quo will only take us so far, we understand the need to transform our products and services. We are committed to continuous evolution, striving to becoming more digital, scalable, and even more sustainable.

Because when we transform, we will uncover new opportunities – opportunities to expand into, such as growing in energy markets, and renovating and retrofitting.

We will champion ownership, collaboration, and inclusion of diverse voices to achieve our goals. We will ask new questions and explore new perspectives whether we’re on-site in Dublin, or in a meeting room in Rotterdam – every decision counts.

The future is ours to make and we all have our role to play in building a sustainable tomorrow.

People and high performance culture

We are set on a journey to build a sustainable tomorrow, and that is no small promise. One we can’t keep without you. With the BAM Experience, we put our people at the forefront of our strategy, ensuring that we live our values, that leaderships drives us forward, that we foster diversity and inclusion, that our people thrive and grow, and that we build communities with a focus on safety and innovation.

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