Building a sustainable tomorrow - Strategy 2024-2026: Focus, transform and expand

BAM aims to be a market leader in sustainable, and profitable product market combinations (PMCs). The strategy for 2024-2026 focuses on protecting profitability, transforming through industrialisation and digitisation, and further expanding into growth markets.

Focus to protect profitability 

BAM’s strategy involves clear focus on profitable growth platforms in the Netherlands, and in the United Kingdom and Ireland, emphasising key clients and proven competitive advantages. A key initiative in the division United Kingdom and Ireland includes a focus on medium-sized projects with top clients and enhancing core and value chain capabilities such as advisory, design and engineering.

Transform to strengthen competitive advantage

BAM’s transformation centres on sustainability in markets where it is looking to differentiate from competition on product and process leadership and strong relationships with clients.
BAM will target markets where prioritisation of innovation and sustainability can flourish, enabling transformation within the portfolio. A key initiative in the division Netherlands is to increase the number of biobased, industrialised Flow homes within residential.

Expand for future growth

BAM sees strong further growth in residential, new energy markets and renovations towards 2030. With BAM’s scale and scope it is well positioned to serve these larger societal challenges. BAM targets leading positions in markets that are in line with its strengths and sustainability purpose. This will be done through expanding existing capabilities. A key initiative in both divisions is growing the presence in markets for energy solutions, including grids.


In Belgium, BAM continues its activities as an integrated construction, development and facilities management company, with a focus on sustainable projects.


BAM will support PPP joint venture Invesis in implementing its strategy based on enhancing its position in home markets, expanding into new markets and building new PPP offerings in new energy and digital infrastructure.

People and high performance culture

Successful execution relies on highly engaged people in a high-performance organisation, emphasising diversity, inclusion, an attractive employee journey, leadership by example, talent management, and adaptive organisation.

Capital allocation strategy

The capital allocation strategy 2024-2026 aims to strike a balance between reinvesting in the business for sustainable growth and rewarding investors while maintaining a resilient balance sheet. In the next phase of the strategy for 2024-2026 BAM, continues its current dividend policy to distribute a dividend between 30 and 50 per cent of the net result. The Group will also consider cash returns via share buybacks.

Financial targets 2024-2026

BAM aims to deliver:

  • predictable performance on >€6 billion revenue;
  • strong capital ratio: ~25 per cent;
  • adjusted EBITDA margin: 4-6 per cent;
  • return to shareholders: 30-50 per cent of net income from operations for dividend, potentially additional cash returns via share buybacks.

Sustainability targets 2026 and 2030

BAM sustainability strategy targets

BAM uses a classification system based on the size and risk profile of its projects, ranging from A (highest classification) to E. A, B, and C projects typically represent medium to large projects.