Our People

What if we didn’t just build buildings but build a sustainable tomorrow?

As one of the largest construction companies in Europe, we do more than engineer vital infrastructure and construct high-quality buildings. We’re building a sustainable tomorrow. And with more than a century under our belts, we’ve learned what it takes to make it possible: diverse people, valued partners and shared values. It’s about transforming buniness as usual by asking ‘what if?’ then discovering the answers and developing the solutions, together. Because every decision counts when building a sustainable tomorrow.

The BAM Experience

We are set on a journey to build a sustainable tomorrow, and that is no small promise. One we can’t keep without you. With the BAM Experience, we put our people at the forefront of our strategy, ensuring that we live our values, that leaderships drives us forward, that we foster diversity and inclusion, that our people thrive and grow, and that we build communities with a focus on safety and innovation. Learn more below.

Guided by Values, United by Culture

Our People - Guided by Values, United by Culture

What if we could build a company culture rooted in our values, driven by leadership?

Our values – hand-selected by our employees – define everything we do and form the basis of our culture. We aspire to live our values in our daily work and interactions: sustainable, inclusive, collaborative, reliable and ownership. Our leaders lead by example: they put our values into practice in innovative and transparent ways.

Embracing Diversity & Fostering Inclusion

Our People - Embracing Diversity & Fostering Inclusion

What if our workplace was as diverse as our world?

We strive to create an environment where everybody feels welcome and valued, unleashing our productivity and creativity by welcoming diversity and inviting different perspectives. Our differences make us stronger, and a more diverse and inclusive workplace ensures everyone is empowered to give their all.

Sustainable Career Development

Our People - Sustainable Career Development

What if our people could thrive and grow?

We aim to ensure that every individual at BAM can build sustainable careers through constructive performance evaluations and development opportunities. We offer every employee the opportunity to grow their skills with unparalleled learning opportunities. By levelling-up our people, we stay at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and safety.

Building Our Communities

Our People - Building Our Communities

What if BAM could extend its hundred-year legacy of building communities?

BAM is an organisation big enough to make a difference in society – in the communities we’re building and the individuals that are part of them. We want our people to feel empowered to develop our company culture internally and to make a positive and sustainable impact where they live and work. We are a market leader in sustainability – let’s continue to develop sustainable communities at BAM and beyond.