BIM is moving Moín forward

15 December 2016 - To work for BAM! / Digital construction / Projects / International

Modeller Elizabeth Vargas Zúñiga observes the effects of BIM on site in Costa Rica.

‘BIM has quickly attained a position as a crucial tool in the realisation of the Moín Container Terminal project’, says BIM Modeller Elizabeth Vargas Zúñiga.

The BIM team in Costa Rica is now providing integral support to planning, commercial, works preparation and construction activities. Moreover, the technology has been used to clarify design queries and interfaces between disciplines before the commencement of construction. 

BIM is moving Moín forward
Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth: ‘This project represents a challenge for us due to design changes, optimisation and coordination of all the different disciplines through accurate 3D models. At the moment, our main challenge is to keep track of all the changes. While we are keeping the model up to date, we are at the same time doing more modelling, producing shop drawings, quantity take-offs and drawings for internal and external use.’

‘Having said that, it is very rewarding to know that these efforts will have a positive effect on the construction stage. The construction team will be able to perform its activities in smooth coordination and with minimal disruptions.’

BIM is moving Moín forward
From left to right: Elizabeth Vargas (BIM Modeller), Diego Arias (Draftsman), Eugenio Vaieretti (Package Engineer Utilities), Yosep Hania (Draftsman), Alex Havik (BIM Manager), Diego Gil (Package Engineer Drainage & Pavements), Luis Martinez (Site Engineer Utilities & Pavements), Luis Masis (Draftsman), Sebastian Solis (Site Engineer Utilities & Pavements) and Ricardo Meza (Draftsman).


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