A young and multi-national team

5 January 2017 - To work for BAM! / Digital construction / Projects / Starters / International

Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) project, Tanzania, the team design and engineering: two Dutchmen, a Sri Lankan and a lady from Greece.

Daan Aldenberg, Engineering Manager (Dutch): overseeing a complex, multi-disciplinary project

‘Although KIA is a relatively small project, there are a lot of separate disciplines within the three work packages of the contract. Besides asphalt pavement, the airside works also includes drainage, water supply, sewerage treatment and airfield lighting. On any given day, we may spend the morning working on duct penetrations under asphalt taxiways while we spend the afternoon on architectural details of the roof extension or pushing subcontractors for progress on procurement. Flexibility is the key word.

At the same time, a phased terminal building renovation project is all about dealing with the restrictions of the existing building such as capacity of floors, space in ceilings and minimizing the impact on  passengers making use of the partly closed building. Besides the daily engineering management tasks on site, my main responsibilities are temporary and permanent works design and engineering, and management of all subcontractors on site.’


Krishantha Jayawardene, CAD Engineer (Sri Lankan): expanding 3D drafting skills

‘I have been based on this project since May 2015. Previously in my career I have worked on various water supply and airport pavement projects. This project fits well within my experience although it has various new elements as well, such as drafting in Revit for the 3D model of the terminal building as well as architectural drafting in a renovation environment. Furthermore my daily activities involve updating of design drawings and I also provide the necessary dimensions/coordinates to the survey team and the construction teams.

As BAM is further developing BIM for implementation on projects, I have joined various training courses on 3D programmes, which is a good experience for me. I have worked with some of the team members on several projects before KIA. It results in effective communication with the teams as I know what they require and they know what I can provide.’


Sofia Tzouli, Intern (Greek): experiencing the connection between site and engineering

‘After studying civil engineering in Greece and construction management in the Netherlands, I could not have been given a better project to experience actual works on a construction site. I’m gaining practical experience on site by assisting the Engineering Department in solving engineering and design issues, making drawings, communicating with the site teams, and so on.

My main duties are so far focused on the finishing details of the terminal building, such as ceiling bulkheads, MEP penetrations and internal doors. As we have two separate subcontractors for finishing and MEP works, details are to be carefully coordinated so that all parties are aware of their scope of works. Especially in ceilings, this is a challenge.

What I mainly enjoy on a construction site is the rewarding feeling of seeing your engineering works being implemented on site  directly. It is the connection between site and engineering I am looking for. I am honoured to be part of this team and I am sure that my experience on the KIA project will be of great value in my future career.’


Bob Smelting, Engineer (Dutch): focus on airside electrical and building MEP

‘In the beginning of the project our daily activities mainly involved checking design drawings, coordinating client reviews and document control. Now we’re seeing a shift towards coordinating the subcontractors on site. In the terminal building, we’re working on MEP systems in a live airport. This has to be done without disrupting passenger departures and arrivals. To this end, a dedicated team of BAM and subcontractor MEP specialists are working daily behind the scenes.

Airfield lighting has been developed from the conceptual tender design to a functional design that complies with international standards such as ICAO. After the effort put in by the team, seeing the lights switched on for the first time gave a great feeling of appreciation. My personal daily activities are focused on the airside electrical and building MEP scope. The variety in activities is challenging, but it provides me with a great learning experience. Another task I have on this project is being the planner. This means collecting and recording progress data from the construction teams both on airside and in the building for the weekly programme updates.’ 


A young and multi-national teamMaking sure everything runs smoothly on the KIA project, the Design and Engineering team: Daan Aldenberg, Krishantha Jayawardene, Sofia Tzouli and Bob Smelting (from left to right). 


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