Shared mobility

While creating the sustainable Schoemaker Plantage residential estate in Delft, where energy-neutral homes are being developed, the idea of providing sustainable transport, alongside sustainable living, was born. In collaboration with the municipality of Delft and BAM, the first Hely mobility hub recently came into being. The hub makes not only regular and electric cars available but also electric bicycles and electric cargo bikes. Residents of Delft can arrange to use any of these through one single app.

By providing several different modes of transport through the hub, residents are encouraged to make more conscious and smarter decisions – for example, they might decide to collect their shopping using a cargo bike rather than by car. The company’s e-bikes are suitable for longer trips within the city, which people would usually make by car. The mobility hub is an ideal solution for reducing the parking problem in the city, turning the centre into a low-traffic area and thereby making things better for the environment.

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