Commissioned by GroenWest, BAM has completed the renovation of 39 homes in the Schilderskwartier district of Woerden, making them more sustainable. As part of this ‘Generated Living’ project, the dwellings were disconnected from the gas supply, insulated from top to bottom, and fitted with new, efficient systems.

The Schilderskwartier district in general has become a smart neighbourhood too. Through temporarily storing surplus energy not only in homes but also in district batteries, the neighbourhood as a whole resupplies power to homes at times when the sun is not shining quite so brightly. This prevents power network overloads.

This pilot project was implemented in collaboration with the residents of the area, who are happy with the results, and have even indicated that cohesion and contact with their neighbours improved during the renovation activities. Residents of these zero-energy homes also find that they offer a high level of living comfort and are more energy-efficient than before the transformation.