Kogerveldwijk - Zaandam

The Municipality of Zaanstad is developing to become an attractive region within the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam for both living and working in. There are various sites along the river Zaan that are perfect for being transformed into a new mix of residential and working environments. One such site is the Hofwijk neighbourhood in Kogerveld. The Kogerveld district is a 10-minute bike ride away from the centre of Zaandam, offers good access to the A7 and A8 motorways, and has three train stations nearby.

The Municipality of Zaanstad selected area and property developer AM (which is part of BAM) to help work on possible future scenarios for this neighbourhood in 2040. When selecting which partners to work with, the municipal authority looked for proven experience in the field of area development. “The importance BAM attaches to working with residents, business and social partners, and the way in which it strives to do so in collaboration with the municipal authority, were deciding factors in making our selection,” according to the Municipality of Zaanstad.

A unique mix of activities (some successful, some less so), wastelands, housing complexes and empty factory premises can be found in the Kogerveld district. It is an area that has plenty of potential. However, due to fragmented land ownership and interdependencies, getting area development projects off the ground is difficult.

Primarily, BAM acts as an intermediary between area stakeholders, land owners and the municipal authority so that all parties can take advantage of the development opportunities presented and add value to the area, with the aim of creating an inspiring and healthy residential and working environment alongside the Zaan river. Big data, the area’s identity and demographic development are being used in order to determine what the right development strategy is.