Henk-Jan van Doorn

Corporate account manager, SITA

BAM and SITA: managing the entire waste chain

‘Sustainable supply chain integration has become an increasingly important issue worldwide, including in construction sector. Close partnerships between waste processing companies and construction firms can result in an increased understanding and better monitoring of the total waste chain’, says Henk-Jan van Doorn, corporate account manager at SITA. SITA is a leading player in the Dutch waste management market and is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

‘BAM and SITA have set joint targets to increase the percentage of segregated waste to a maximum and – in increasing numbers of cases – to actually segregate the waste themselves. This will lead to high quality waste recycling across the supply chain. In addition, information on waste streams can secure financial benefits for a company and increase its chance of success in sustainable tendering processes. Finally, but by no means least important, effective processing of industrial waste can also help reduce CO₂ emissions.’

The partnership between BAM and SITA focuses on more than just policy: ‘Effective waste management involves working with the project team to prevent or reduce waste and agreeing on the most efficient and safest method for removing waste from the construction site.

‘BAM continues to face challenges when it comes to waste management. Van Doorn: ‘We believe that BAM is among the Netherlands’ three most successful construction companies in the field of waste management. But the organisation would benefit from a more centralised approach to addressing the issue of waste. In waste management, upscaling can maximise returns.’