Our production of waste affects BAM’s license to operate and is an indicator of the efficiency of our processes. Also, waste incurs costs due to low value of residual material.

The construction industry primarily produces waste, rather than effluents. As a large construction company, our waste production affects society. As approximately 80 % of materials are recycled, it concerns large amounts of materials that are to be reused.

We’ve set targets for both waste reduction and recycling. BAM monitors and benchmarks progress on these targets on a quarterly basis for different activities within the company.

BAM focusses on construction and office waste as indicators of operational excellence, since these outputs are based on our own doings. All construction and office waste is initially brought to our sites and offices on our behalf; in contrast to excavation and demolition waste. Excavation and demolition waste is initially at our sites before we take on a project and therefore not relevant as operational excellence or sustainability indicator; it is merely a part of our business model to efficiently take it off sites.