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BAM offers a variety of global career opportunities for staff looking to develop their digital skills and expertise.

From BIM modellers, to visualisation specialists, coders, digital construction managers and technologists, we are looking for people to join our team and help us develop new solutions that will allow us to transform the way we do things and generate benefits for all stakeholders.

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Digital Construction

Digital construction at BAM

BAM is fully embracing digital ways of working. We are using technological innovations such as BIM, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and modular/offsite construction, to enable us to build digitally before building on site.

Lifecycle information management

Lifecycle information management

We adopt a whole life approach to digital, which places our client’s information requirements (employer’s and asset) at its heart. This makes certain that the right data is obtained at the right time throughout the design, construction and operations phases, enabling stakeholders to realise a number of benefits including greater efficiency, cost savings, certainty and improved performance. We have adopted the latest technologies and software to allow us to capture data on site and during asset operations.

Virtual technologies

Virtual technologies

Technologies such as virtual, mixed and augmented reality enable our project team, client and stakeholders to experience an asset before it is constructed. Using a virtual viewer, individuals are able to walk through a building and gain a better understanding of the space and how it meets requirements. We are also able to create virtual fit outs, complete with fixtures, fittings, finishes and lighting, so that clients and potential tenants can see how a floor, room or retail unit would reflect their brand experience.


Robotics and scanning

The last few years, have seen a growth in the usage of robotics and 3D printing within the construction industry. These technologies offer new innovative ways of fabricating and constructing items on and off site, as well as reducing the risks involved in entering confined or small spaces and increasing the speed of repetitive tasks. BAM is exploring the use of these tools within our business.

Our offer

Our approach to digital is shaped from the outset by our clients’ requirements. We work within a common data environment to ensure we get the right data, at the right time for use across your assets lifecycle. This ensures that assets are fit for purpose from day one and deliver the desired environmental, social and financial outcomes.

BAM has adopted a market leading ‘whole life BIM’ approach, which spans the entire asset lifecycle (design, construction and operations). Our BIM for FM solution is giving facilities managers better control of the client’s building, which means less disruption and cost.

In addition, BAM is exploring how we can apply BIM in city environments to help local government’s adopt a smart city approach and realise wide-ranging social, economic and environmental benefits.


Benefits of our digital construction approach

Develop Design Build Operate
  • Faster and smarter decisions
  • Performance certainty
  • Optimised solutions
  • Manage risks
  • Earlier marketing
  • Understand the design better
  • Identify issues and solutions
  • Zero harm
  • On time and on budget
  • Zero waste
  • High quality
  • Detailed as built information
  • Assets deliver as expected
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Ability to plan works in advance
  • Less downtime and disruption
  • Excellent service
  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost savings

This is digital at BAM

The film showcases BAM's client centred approach to digital and the benefits it creates across an asset's lifecycle.

Dit is Digital Construction bij BAM

From Concept to Reality

Digitial and Physical Construction of the Public Transport Terminal Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Digital and Physical Construction