Stock exchange listing

BAM has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1959 (symbol: BAMNB; ISIN code: NL0000337319). The share is included in the AScX index, and options are traded by Liffe, the Euronext derivatives exchange. The market capitalisation was €651 million at year-end 2023 (year-end 2022: €582 million).

Investor relation policy

The purpose of the investor relations policy is to provide accurate, transparent and consistent information simultaneously and in a timely manner to stakeholders, which include existing and potential shareholders, financial institutions, brokers and the media. BAM intends to ensure there is a clear understanding about its strategy, performance and decisions to create awareness and confidence. Information is made available through the annual report, quarterly financial and other information, press releases and presentations to investors, which are all available on the Company’s website. BAM discloses price-sensitive information without delay through press release and on its website.

BAM has embedded a closed period in its reporting calender. In this period, the Company does not enter into contact with investors, analysts or the press about the general business. This closed period starts six weeks prior to the publication of each annual report and half-year report and three weeks prior to the publication of the first and third quarter trading updates.

More information about investor relations is available on under the link ‘Investor relations’ or from Michel Aupers, Manager Investor Relations, at, telephone +31 (0)30 659 89 88.

Share price

The 2023 closing price of the ordinary share was €2.42, which was 12 per cent below the closing price at year-end 2022 (€2.17). The AScX index ended the year 1 per cent higher. BAM’s share price decreased by 4 per cent over the last five years. By way of comparison, the AEX and the AScX indexes rose by 51 per cent and 28 per cent respectively in the same period.

Graph 58 shows the history of the BAM ordinary share price over the past five years.

Ordinary share price movement

Trading volume on Euronext Amsterdam

The average daily trade in BAM shares was 1,785,000 ordinary shares (2022: 2,151,000). In 2023, the average daily trade in BAM shares amounted to €3.9 million (2022: €5.4 million).

Specification of the number of outstanding shares



Outstanding ordinary shares as at 31 December


Treasury shares held for Performance Share Plan


Other treasury shares


Ordinary shares ranking for dividend as at 31 December


Percentage ordinary shares ranking for dividend