Major Sussex development deemed one of UK’s safest by inspectors

22 February 2016 11:51 - BAM Construct UK Ltd
Major Sussex development deemed one of UK’s safest by inspectors

Hemel Hempstead, 17 February 2016 - A construction team working on a major redevelopment of the area around Haywards Heath station, which will provide a new Waitrose foodstore, has been given a very rare maximum score by independent inspectors, for their approach to site safety. BAM Construction achieved a 10/10 ranking from the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), ranking it beyond ‘exceptional’ and into the bracket of ‘innovative’.

CCS Inspector Philip Garland said: ‘The project is located in a very sensitive and complex area with a considerable number of stakeholders, organisations, businesses and residents, and it could have serious impact but is being managed to an outstanding level.’

Mr Garland was impressed with the project’s use of daily hazard boards, its secure fencing, and marshall-controlled vehicle movements. But he singled out an innovative ID card scheme, which uses QR codes to cover things such as hospital locations, and safety and access information. He also praised the team’s involvement with a safety promotion film by the Institute of Civil Engineers.

BAM’s project manager Alan Newland said: ‘We are committed to positive intervention rather than addressing incidents afterwards. We investigate ‘near miss’ situations and take action to ensure accidents don’t arise where we think something could have gone wrong. We’re part of the Behavioural Safety Campaign – where we alter the mindset of everybody on site to create a safety culture in all we do. Safety is a never-ending story; things change on a construction site every day and you have to be constantly aware of the risks.’

The £20 million scheme, promoted by Solum Regeneration, a partnership between Network Rail and Kier Property, is phased into multiple stages. In addition to the new supermarket and adjoining retail units, it includes moving a substation, extensive cable rerouting, extending and altering roads and laybys, and demolishing an old bus station. The scheme runs alongside the station and close liaison is required with Network Rail and train operating companies.

Further information: Mark Slattery, press and media manager, BAM Construct UK Ltd, 01442 238415.