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24 November 2000

Edmund Nuttall Ltd has been awarded a £3.4 million contract by Cardiff County Council to provide an oxygenation intervention system to aerate Cardiff Bay, Penarth Marina and tributary rivers – the Taff and the Ely.

23 November 2000

Rijswijk, the Netherlands - Mr D. Sinninghe Damsté has been invested as Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau at his retirement from the Board of Management of HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv.

10 November 2000

Rijswijk, Niederlande/Frankfurt am Main – HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, und AGIV AG haben einen Vergleich geschlossen.

10 November 2000

Rijswijk, the Netherlands / Frankfurt am Main, Germany – HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, and AGIV AG have reached an out-of-court settlement.

6 November 2000

Mr. Noel Dempsey T.D., Minister for the Environment and Local Government, laid the foundation stone for the Environmental Protection Agency's new offices and laboratories facility at Belfield.

2 November 2000

Edmund Nuttall Ltd has been awarded a £19 million contract to construct the civils element of a new 500 megawatt powerstation in Baglan, near Port Talbot in South Wales, by client International General Electric.

2 November 2000

Edmund Nuttall Ltd has been awarded a road scheme valued at approximately £13 million to construct 4 km of dual carriageway road in Swindon.

26 October 2000

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – HAM dredging and marine contractors, has lengthened the HAM 310 trailing suction hopper dredger by approximately 30 metres.

9 October 2000

Edmund Nuttall Ltd has been successful in securing one of three major framework agreements awarded by North of Scotland Water Authority as part of the Water Quality Undertakings Programme.

9 October 2000

Camberley – Edmund Nuttall Ltd has been awarded a five-year structures renewal contract for Railtrack’s North West zone, following competitive tendering.

1 October 2000

A joint venture between Edmund Nuttall Ltd and HBG Ascon Ltd has been awarded a contract worth £21.3 million by Fingal County Council to construct a 6.5 kilometre section of motorway between Dublin Airport and Lissenhall in Ireland.

1 October 2000

HBG Construction has started work on a seven storey hotel in the centre of Glasgow.

28 September 2000

Bunnik/Rijswijk - GTI nv and HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, are in talks on GTI’s acquisition of HCG industrieservice bv in Rijswijk.

13 September 2000

Edmund Nuttall Limited has been awarded a contract valued at £2 million at Coppetts Wood in Finchley, to carry out road improvements and land rehabilitation.

3 September 2000
  • Strategic reorientation initiated
  • Full Potential Programme aimed at identifying and establishing benchmark profit improvement programme
  • Introduction of value-based management, providing insight into value creation
  • Introduction of percentage of completion method of accounting, enhancing transparency
  • Rearrangement and adjustment of portfolio of activities: divestment of business units failing to make adequate long-term contributions to results
  • Focus on cash-generating and cost-saving measures
  • In connection with change of direction, provisions totalling EUR 166 million
  • Forecast operating result for 2000 before provisions: EUR 90 million; forecast net loss for 2000: EUR 68 million, due to provisions

Key figures as at 30 June 2000

  • Turnover: after provisions EUR 2,441 million - before provisions +11%
  • Net profit: after provisions EUR -102 million - before provisions  EUR 64 million [inc. 36 million PoC*]
  • Net profit as % of shareholders’ equity:after provisions –39% - before provisions  25% [inc. 13% PoC*]
  • Net profit per ordinary share:after provisions EUR –2.92  - before provisions  EUR 1.83 [inc. 1.03 PoC*]
  • Order book at year-end 2000 expected to be at record level [EUR 5.2 billion]; good quality and diversity

*recognised according to the percentage of completion method.

Rijswijk, the Netherlands – HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, has embarked on a drastic change of course. This centres on the strategic reorientation, which will be completed at the beginning of 2001. With these changes, the Board of Management aims to focus the Group and the individual group companies more keenly on the product/market combinations which have profitable growth potential and match the capabilities of HBG most closely. It is also the aim to make further improvements in the quality of the workforce and the production processes. The Group is introducing a benchmark programme, along with a system of value-based management, with the object of increasing management accountability. This package of measures will lead to greater shareholder value. With this strategic reorientation, the Group has set itself the target of ranking among the top international construction companies in terms of profitability and will divest activities which do not make a structural and sustainable long-term contribution to profits.

3 September 2000

Rijswijk, the Netherlands – Guus Hoefsloot [49], director of HBG Bouw en Vastgoed, has been appointed member Board of Management of HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, as from 1 September 2000.

3 September 2000
  • Strategische Neuorientierung eingeleitet
  • 'Full potential program' zur Identifizierung und Realisierung von 'Benchmark'-Programm zur Gewinnverbesserung
  • Einführung 'Value-based management'-System: Einblick in Wertschöpfung
  • Einführung 'Percentage of Completion' [POC] vergrößert Transparenz
  • Neuordnung und Anpassung von Aktivitätenportefeuille; Abstoßung von Bereichen, die nicht in ausreichendem Maße dauerhaft zum Ergebnis beitragen
  • Konzentration auf cash-generierende und kostensenkende Maßnahmen
  • Im Rahmen der Kursänderung: Rückstellungen in Höhe von EUR 166 Millionen
  • Voraussichtliches Betriebsergebnis 2000 vor Rückstellung: EUR 90 Millionen; voraussichtlicher Reinverlust 2000: EUR 68 Millionen infolge von Rückstellungen

Kennzahlen zum 30. Juni 2000

  • Umsatz an Dritte: nach Rückstellungen EUR 2.441 Millionen - vor Rückstellungen +11%
  • Nettoerlös: nach Rückstellungen EUR –102 Millionen - vor Rückstellungen EUR 64 Millionen [Anteil POC: 36 Mio.]
  • Nettoerlös in % des Eigenkapitals: nach Rückstellungen –39 % - vor Rückstellungen 25 %[Anteil POC: 13 %]
  • Nettoerlös je Stammaktie: nach Rückstellungen EUR –2,92 - vor Rückstellungen EUR 1,83[Anteil POC: 1,03]
  • Auftragslage Ende 2000 erreicht Rekordstand [EUR 5,2 Milliarden]; gute Qualität und Streuung

Rijswijk – HBG, Hollandsche Beton Groep nv, hat eine einschneidende Kursänderung eingeleitet. Im Mittelpunkt steht die strategische Neuorientierung, die Anfang 2001 abgeschlossen sein wird. Damit will der Vorstand den Konzern und die einzelnen Konzerngesellschaften verstärkt auf die Produkt-/Marktkombinationen ausrichten, die gewinnträchtiges Wachstum beinhalten und optimal mit den Kapazitäten von HBG im Einklang stehen. Ferner muss die Qualität von Mitarbeitern und Betriebsprozessen weiter verbessert werden. Der Konzern führt ein 'Benchmark'-Programm ein und stellt zur Vergrößerung der 'Management-Accountability' auf das 'Value-based management'-System um. Diese Maßnahmen werden zu einem höheren Aktionärswert führen. Der Konzern hat sich mit der strategischen Neuorientierung zum Ziel gesetzt, hinsichtlich der Ertragskraft eine Spitzenposition unter den internationalen Bauunternehmen einzunehmen und wird Bereiche, die nicht strukturell und dauerhaft gewinnträchtig sind, abstoßen.

24 August 2000

Peter Burford, FRICS, has joined HBG Properties as development manager in the Midlands office at Castle Bromwich.

21 August 2000

HBG Construction has won a £2.3 million refurbishment and remodelling contract at heltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, Francis Close hall campus in Cheltenham.

20 August 2000

HBG Construction in the North West has been appointed to construct a new 60 bedroom extension for the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester.