19 December 2001 - 09:15

Agreement on Social Plan for Ballast Ham Dredging bv

Rotterdam/Woerden – The Ballast Ham Dredging bv management and representatives of the labour unions FNV Bouw, Hout- en Bouwbond CNV, Vakvereniging ‘Het Zwarte Corps’ and De Unie have reached an agreement on a Social Plan.

This plan aims to cover and supervise any and all social consequences of the merger between HAM, Hollandsche Aanneming Maatschappij bv and Ballast Nedam Baggeren bv and the resulting formation of Ballast Ham Dredging bv. The Social Plan is effective as of 15 November 2001, the first day after the merger. It will be in force for two years.

The basis of the plan is that the employer will do everything in his power to limit any adverse consequences for the employees involved to the absolute minimum. The method to be used is job-to-job mediation. Compulsory redundancies will be avoided as much as possible.

A supervising committee will see to the interests of the employees involved within the boundaries of the social plan. This committee will have five members. Two are to be appointed by the BHD Employees’ Councils and two by the employer. Together they will appoint the fifth member.

For further information, please contact:

  • FNV Bouw, Mr. J. Kuckelkorn, phonenumber 0348 575575

  • Hout- en Bouwbond CNV, Mr. A. van den Brink, phonenumber 030 6597711

  • 'Het Zwarte Corps', Mr. J. Arensman, phonenumber 0186 601180

  • De Unie, Mr. A.J. van Dijk, phonenumber 010 2846660

  • Ballast Ham Dredging, Mrs. G.B. Brinkers, phonenumber 010 4478596