Inflatable barrage completed!

The inflatable barrage near Ramspol [Central Netherlands] has been completed. After a series of tests, HBG Civiel recently handed over the barrage, which comprises three inflatable sections. The barrage is intended to protect the hinterland from the waters of the IJsselmeer, which tend to pile up in the Ketelmeer, especially with northwesterly gales.

When a storm warning is issued, the three sections of the barrage are inflated with water and air, creating a barrier eight metres high in the space of two hours. The fabric of the inflatable barrage is made of nylon-reinforced rubber. Testing of the barrage had to be delayed last year when damage occurred to the inside of the barrage fabric. This damage was found to be caused by the rollers in the concrete sill structure of the barrage on which the fabric rests when not inflated. These rollers have been modified with protective metal caps. The damage to the fabric was repaired by Bridgestone, the Japanese supplier.