5 March 2002 - 11:08

Recycling ink cartridges in Bosnia Herzegovina

Recycling of ink cartridges and toner kits for printers and fax machines is already fairly well-established in Western Europe. In Central and Eastern Europe, recycling is now also slowly getting off the ground. And Tebodin [HBG's consultants & engineers] is helping the process along.

In Bosnia Herzegovina, Tebodin is involved in the construction of a cartridge recycling plant. The new factory is being built in Zenica, a town around 70 kilometres north of Sarajevo. Here, the cassettes are disassembled and cleaned, and any worn parts are replaced. When the cartridges have been refilled, sealed and tested, they are as good as new and can be resold. Tebodin is responsible for consultancy, engineering and project management on this project. The contract is worth €900,000.