5 June 2002 - 20:50

Schoolwork by HBG Construction

Schoolwork by HBG Construction

Construction work is now at an advanced stage on the site for the new 960-pupil John Hanson School in Andover. HBG Construction started work on the new school last June, with the aim of completing the whole complex by the start of the new term next September.

The new school complex comprises of six main building elements. The main teaching block is split into two units, 'A' and 'B', and this accommodates 'heavy' teaching [woodwork, food technology, design technology etcetera] on the ground floor, the library and general teaching classrooms on the middle floor, while the top floor caters for all the sciences teaching facilities.

Across the main communal courtyard is building 'D', with the main hall, reception and school administration offices on two floors. Between this building and the adjacent gymnasium, building 'E', is a large kitchen facility. The new sports hall ['F' building] and attached changing rooms and shower block are at one end of the courtyard and the music and drama building 'C' is on the opposite side.

All of these buildings are now structurally complete and we are more than halfway through fitting and installing the external fabric and windows. All the roof structures were completed by last Christmas and we are now busy with mechanical and electrical [M & E] fittings, including lighting and ventilation systems.