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15 December 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 15 December 2006 – BAM Techniek bv, an operating company of Royal BAM Group nv, intends to sell two mechanical and electrical contracting subsidiaries to their management team with effect from 1 January 2007. The subsidiaries concerned are Beckmann Elektrotechniek bv of Enschede, the Netherlands and Beckmann Kamphuis bv of Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. The two companies employ approximately thirty people. Their joint turnover amounts to more than € 3 million.

14 December 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 14 December 2006 – Tebodin Consultants & Engineers, operating company of Royal BAM Group nv, has acquired the remaining 50% shares in the Belgium subsidiary SmitsTebodin. In 1999 Tebodin and the Dutch-Belgian consultancy TPF Europe jointly founded SmitsTebodin to serve the Belgian market in consultancy and engineering services. The office in Belgium is located in Zwijndrecht, near the industrial region of Antwerp, and cooperates closely with the project office in Bergen op Zoom. The company offers a broad package of services, focusing on amongst others industrial projects. SmitsTebodin has approximately 10 employees and a turnover of approximately € 1.2 million.

13 December 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 13 December 2006 – Royal BAM Group nv announces that AM nv (in which BAM holds an interest of 51%) has published a press release today, informing that AM expects to reach agreement on the acquisition of De Wilgen Vastgoed. De Wilgen Vastgoed specialises in the development of real estate projects in inner-city areas in the Randstad conurbation in general and the province of Zuid-Holland in particular. De Wilgen Vastgoed, Rotterdam, has a development portfolio of around 2,000 houses and apartments and 50,000 m² of commercial property.

6 December 2006
  • Nettoergebnis in den ersten neun Monaten 2006: € 68,5 Millionen
  • Dramatischer Verlust bei Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau
  • Gute Geschäftsergebnisse bei sonstigen Aktivitäten
  • Umsatzwachstum in den ersten neun Monaten 2006: +11%, autonom: +4%
  • Auftragsbestand erreicht Rekordstand: € 13,0 Milliarden
  • Strategische Agenda 2007–2009 formuliert
30 November 2006
  • Net profit for first nine months of 2006: €68.5 million
  • Dramatic loss recorded by Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau
  • Favourable operational results from other activities
  • Turnover growth in first nine months of 2006: +11%, organic: +4%
  • Order book at a record level: €13.0 billion
  • Strategic agenda 2007 - 2009 formulated
20 November 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 20 November 2006 – Before trading opens on Thursday, 30 November, Royal BAM Group will report on business during the first nine months of 2006. In advance of that report, BAM announces that the 2006 loss forecast of German non-residential building company Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau has been raised to €115 million. Despite the favourable operating results from its other activities, BAM expects that it will be unable to achieve its profit forecast of approximately €180 million for 2006 as announced when the half year figures were presented. Based on current information, BAM expects to record a profit of approximately €130 million for the 2006 financial year.

20 November 2006

Bunnik, den 20. November 2006 – Die Royal BAM Group berichtet am Donnerstag, den 30. November vorbörslich über die Entwicklungen in den ersten neun Monaten des Jahres 2006. Dem vorgreifend teilt BAM mit, dass der für 2006 erwartete Verlust des deutschen Wirtschaftsbauunternehmens Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau auf € 115 Millionen gestiegen ist. Trotz der guten Geschäftsergebnisse der übrigen Aktivitäten geht BAM davon aus, dass die anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des Halbjahresberichts bekannt gegebene Gewinnerwartung für 2006 (circa € 180 Millionen) nicht aufrechterhalten werden kann. Auf der Grundlage der aktuellen Erkenntnisse wird BAM im Finanzjahr 2006 einen Gewinn in Höhe von etwa € 130 Millionen erzielen.

23 October 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 23 October 2006 – Interbeton bv - the operating company of Royal BAM Group nv, active outside Western Europe - has been awarded two contracts in the Gulf region with a total contract value of €60 million.

19 October 2006

Essen, 19. Oktober 2006 - Zügig gehen die Arbeiten am VARIOFFICE®-Neubau in der Essener Weststadt voran. Die LEG Standort- und Projektentwicklung Essen GmbH als Bauherrin feiert die heutige Grundsteinlegung bereits im Erdgeschoss des Rohbaus. Im Juni 2006 starteten die Bauteams von Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau mit dem Projekt. Nach nur 13 Monaten Bauzeit wird der vielseitige Büroneubau im Sommer 2007 bezugsfertig sein.

12 October 2006

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12 October 2006 – A joint venture, formed by Van den Berg (a subsidiary of BAM Infratechniek) and Draka Comteq, has started to connect approximately 40,000 houses and commercial buildings to a fibre optic network in Amsterdam (areas Zeeburg, Oost/Watergraafsmeer and Osdorp) for client Glasvezelnet Amsterdam (GNA). City councillor M. van Poelgeest performed the ceremony to mark the start of the construction activities on 12 October. The contract value amounts to approximately € 30 million. The joint venture will complete the project in 2008.

6 October 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 4 October 2006 – Royal BAM Group has presented a proposal for a range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) elements to be formally integrated into the tender prequalification and contract award process for construction projects within the Netherlands. BAM has identified ten key issues to be addressed under the headings of People (health & safety, community relations, education/training), Planet (waste, energy efficiency/climate change, use of sustainable materials, air quality) and Profit (innovation, customer focused construction, improve infrastructure/built environment). The first formal copy of this proposal was presented to the Dutch Directorate General of Public Works and Water Management at a conference organised by BAM in Wassenaar, Netherlands.

5 October 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 5 October 2006 – Royal BAM Group nv will shortly be repairing frost damage to part of a diaphragm wall in an open tunnel section in substructure cluster 3 of the HSL-Zuid route. How and when the repair work will be carried out has been decided in close consultation between the client and the building consortium. The cost of this work had already been anticipated by the joint venture, in which BAM has an interest of about eighty percent. The repair work will therefore not affect the previously issued profit forecast for 2006.

28 September 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 28 September 2006 – Müller-Altvatter (a German operating company of Royal BAM Group and specialized in building projects) in joint venture with its sister company HBM Stadien- und Sportstättenbau has won the building contract for the arena O2 World in Berlin. The client is Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), one of the leading sports and entertainment organisations in the world. The contract value amounts to EUR 103 million. The completion of O2 World is expected in August 2008.

18 September 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 18 September 2006 - Royal BAM Group nv has concluded objection proceedings against the fines imposed by the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) in December 2003. The fines, totalling € 27.5 million, had been imposed by the NMa on several business units because of infringements of the Competitive Trading Act. Against the background of the 'cleaning house' operation that has taken place, the NMa has now lowered these fines to € 15.3 million. The provision taken by BAM in previous years has proven to be sufficient.

13 September 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 13 September 2006 – The European Commission has announced that it is imposing a fine totalling € 20.7 million on BAM companies for distortion of competition on the bitumen market in the Netherlands. The alleged infringement relates to the period up to mid-April 2002.

11 September 2006

Longmont, CO, September 11, 2006 – Flatiron Construction’s California subsidiary has been awarded two new contracts totaling $131 million. The largest contract is a $91M California Department of Transportation project to improve the I-238/I-580 and I-880 highways in San Leandro and Hayward, CA, about ten miles south of Oakland. The Department also awarded a $40 million contract to widen I-15 in San Diego, CA.

7 September 2006
  • Net profit over first six months of 2006: €90 million (+27%)
  • Autonomous turnover growth in first six months of 2006: +6%
  • Order book at a high level: €12.3 billion
  • Further intervention at Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau necessary
7 September 2006
  • Nettoergebnis im ersten Halbjahr 2006: € 90 Millionen (+27%)
  • Autonomes Umsatzwachstum im ersten Halbjahr 2006: +6%
  • Auftragsbestand auf hohem Niveau: € 12,3 Milliarden
  • Weitere Maßnahmen bei Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau erforderlich
5 September 2006

Nürnberg, 5. September 2006 - Lediglich vier Monate wird die Modernisierung von 176 Wohnungen im Nürnberger Stadtteil Mögeldorf dauern. In einer Arbeitsgemeinschaft realisiert Wayss & Freytag Schlüsselfertigbau, ein Unternehmen der Royal BAM Group, das Bauvorhaben zusammen mit Völkel + Heidingsfelder. Auftraggeber ist die wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen als Eigentümer.

29 August 2006

Bunnik, Netherlands, 29 August 2006 - A significant guided busway project valued at around € 125 million (£85 million) has been awarded to Edmund Nuttall Ltd by Cambridgeshire County Council. The scheme will include the construction of 24 kilometres of concrete guideway, which is believed to be the longest section of its kind in Europe. The project will take 110 weeks to complete.