BAM and Draka start construction fibre optic network in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12 October 2006 – A joint venture, formed by Van den Berg (a subsidiary of BAM Infratechniek) and Draka Comteq, has started to connect approximately 40,000 houses and commercial buildings to a fibre optic network in Amsterdam (areas Zeeburg, Oost/Watergraafsmeer and Osdorp) for client Glasvezelnet Amsterdam (GNA). City councillor M. van Poelgeest performed the ceremony to mark the start of the construction activities on 12 October. The contract value amounts to approximately € 30 million. The joint venture will complete the project in 2008.

In Glasvezelnet Amsterdam five housing corporations, private investors and the city of Amsterdam are co-operating. With the installation of this fibre optic network, Amsterdam secures and reinforces the development of the ICT-sector and offers an open platform for the development of new services in the economy, health care and education. Optical fibres can transport huge amounts of information at high speed in both upload and download directions and offer future-proof, stable and reliable communications networks for services in video, data communication, internet and telephone.

Further information: Arno C. Pronk, +31 (0)30 659 86 21.