BAM contributes to Austrian hydroelectric power station

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 28 November 2014 - Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, the German tunneling specialist of Royal BAM Group nv, has won a joint venture contract worth around € 14 million, for the construction of a turbine building as part of an hydroelectric power scheme in Austria. The power station is expected to be operational by 2018.

The client, Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Inn GmbH will operate the hydroelectric power station, which will be located in the Inn valley in Austria and will provide clean energy to approximately 100,000 households annually. A new dam will be constructed as part of the project that will create a two-kilometre long reservoir stretching beyond the Austrian border into Switzerland. Water will be fed through a 22 kilometer long tunnel to the turbine building, which will be located 160 metres beneath the dam and here hydropower is converted into electricity. The water will flow back to the Inn through a three hundred metre long underground channel.

The BAM joint venture will be responsible for the construction of the turbine building and the outflow channel near the Austrian town of Prutz.

Further information: A.C. Pronk, +31(0) 30 659 86 21.