International BIM award for BAM’s Summertime project in Amsterdam

18 November 2016 11:19 - Royal BAM Group nv
BAM’s Summertime project in Amsterdam

Bunnik, the Netherlands,18 November 2016 – HFB (the BIM knowledge partner of BAM’s residential builder BAM Woningbouw) has won the AEC Excellence Award for Building Projects less than $50million, for its support of BAM at the Summertime residential project in Amsterdam.

Presented to HFB director Rob van Dorp and Menno de Jonge, BAM’s Director of Digital Construction, at Autodesk University 2016 in Las Vegas, the award recognises the team’s use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) across the project’s lifecycle - especially during the design and construction of the building’s complex façade. Supported by HFB and co-makers, BAM used BIM throughout the design and engineering phase, to model the formwork and schedule the required plant and equipment.

BAM Advies & Engineering was responsible for the constructive design.

BAM Woningbouw also successfully tested Autodesk’s BIM 360 Field application at Summertime, which gave site based project team members, online access to the 3D models created by the design team. This was used to ensure that the reinforcement mats were placed correctly and for management inspections, material testing and supply chain management. It also enabled us to fully digitize completion and delivery checks.

‘Summertime is an excellent example of the use of BIM during the complete project lifecycle’, says Menno de Jonge. ‘… and this award demonstrates how HFB and BAM are leading the market with their development of BIM.’

Located in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam, Summertime was developed by AM and Bouwinvest’s Residential Fund and designed by SeARCH Architects. It features two distinctive, tapered residential blocks comprising 197 rental apartments and parking for 165 cars.

Further information: Arno C. Pronk, +31 (0)30 659 86 23.