BAM receives Synchro Digital Construction Award for 30 Broadwick, London

1 November 2017 08:32 - BAM Construct UK Ltd
BAM receives Synchro Digital Construction Award for 30 Broadwick, London

London, 1 November 2017 - BAM has been named the winner of the building category at the 2017 Synchro Digital Construction Awards, for our use of Synchro’s 4D planning software at 30 Broadwick, London. The awards celebrate best practice and the innovative use of Synchro’s software; attracting submissions from its users around the world.

BAM’s entry demonstrated how the Group’s London based team used Synchro across the supply chain and to address the challenges they encountered on the 30 Broadwick project. The 4D simulation BAM created enabled Westminster City Council to understand and agree to our proposed changes to the delivery of materials to site; which they had previously rejected. It also facilitated greater engagement with the site’s neighbours, helping them to realise how we planned to keep disturbances to a minimum and know how BAM would maintain the fire escape access. On site, BAM used Synchro in a number of ways including site inductions, internal and external meetings, works sequencing and progress checking. Helping BAM to prevent delays, work more safely and facilitate better collaboration between team members.

Conor Browne, Regional Planner, who worked on the winning submission, says: ‘The use of 4D provided us with a detailed visualisation of the construction site at any time during the project. This helped us to identify problems that might arise before we got out onto the live site.’

Nathan Wharton, Senior Planner, added: ‘Synchro acted as a quick and powerful tool to communicate sequencing to the BAM team, subcontractors, our client and surrounding neighbours.’

The planning process developed on this project, has helped form the basis of new 4D planning guidance and a Synchro lessons learnt document, which has been shared with BAM’s operating companies across the globe. The team also presented their approach to a number of organisations including students at the University of Westminster, enabling their best practice use of the software to be shared with a wider audience.

‘BAM’s submission was outstanding’, states Sue Dengenis, Director of Marketing at Synchro Ltd. ‘They truly showcased how Synchro can be used to its best effect, to deliver benefits for the client, stakeholder and the entire supply chain.’

‘We are delighted to have been awarded the Synchro Award for best building’, says Mike Donegan, Regional Director. ‘“This recognises the innovative work of our team and the crucial role it has played in successfully delivering the 30 Broadwick scheme.’