3 May 2017 - 10:06

Firms across the UK have worked on the new stand at Lord’s says contractor

Firms across the UK have worked on the new stand at Lord’s says contractor

Hemel Hempstead, 3 May 2017 - Local businesses across the country have benefitted from the building of the new Warner Stand at Lord’s. The stand was commissioned by the MCC, designed by the architect Populous and engineered by Arup.

The contractor behind the build, BAM, has revealed that over 50 orders were placed with different firms, and all but three came from companies based inside England.

The capital city itself supplied 13 of the orders placed by BAM, including the crucial mechanical and electrical works, the stadium seating and hoardings. The highest value of orders was however actually placed with firms in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Essex, which had ten orders valued at just under £4.3 million. These included the critical groundworks and reinforced concrete from a firm in Welwyn Garden City.

Firms further afield also benefitted with the North of England and South of England sharing nine orders worth over £1.4 million, the Midlands reaping over £1.5 million and Surrey and Berkshire firms sharing over £1 million.

Mike Donegan, Construction Director for the scheme, said: ‘Construction is a terrific economic multiplier. We keep the vast majority of what we do in orders here in the UK, and often, a lion’s share inside the area where we’re building. That’s not true of very many industries. Every pound spent on construction is thought to create about three pounds of further economic activity. For BAM, it has always been important to use our schemes to benefit local economies and our business model is ideal to deliver this.’

Mr Donegan also revealed that the work on Lord’s new stand for its members, part of the MCC’s long-term masterplan to rejuvenate the historic ground, has given work to around 2,000 people. ‘Something like 2,000 people have worked on the scheme from start to finish. Some have worked here for a few days and others, throughout. It has been a very difficult scheme for us, it isn’t just a stadium containing seats, there are complex back-of-house arrangements too. But even getting deliveries in has been really challenging because the stand is completely surrounded and there is nowhere to gain access. We’ve had to protect the pitch to bring lorries and cranes across the turf and take over residential accommodation behind the stand to house our team. We are delighted with the result and I am sure that it will delight the members when they watch the first big international game here against Ireland.’

It marks 30 years since BAM also built the last spectator stand development at Lord’s, the Mound Stand, which opened in 1987. Earlier this year, independent inspectors visited the new stand and awarded the build team three 90% scores – ranking it ‘exceptional’ – a rare achievement.

BAM’s London portfolio includes recently delivering the new Metropolitan Police HQ and it is also at work on a refurbishment of the South Bank Centre.

Further information: Mark Slattery, Press and Media Manager, BAM Construct UK Ltd, 01442 238415.