BAM sells Belgian telecom subsidiary to ESAS Group

1 March 2019 15:18 - BAM Infra Nederland bv

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 1 March 2019 - BAM Infra Nederland bv has sold its Belgian subsidiary BAM Infratechniek bvba, based in Schoten (Belgium) to Teletronika NV in Wuustwezel. Teletronika NV is part of the ESAS Group. BAM Infratechniek bvba focuses on the construction of telecom infrastructures in Belgium. The transaction relates to all more than thirty employees, the work in progress and plant and equipment. Financial details are not disclosed.

BAM Infra Telecom sees insufficient opportunities to further expand the activities of BAM Infratechniek bvba and wants to concentrate on the Dutch market, which offers more opportunities in this segment. BAM Infratechniek bvba's turnover in the past year was approximately €10 million.

About ESAS Group and Teletronika

ESAS exists for over 15 years and has grown in recent years into a leading, medium-sized company with various branche offices in the Netherlands and Belgium. The employees of ESAS install and manage devices that are connected to the internet, mainly in subcontracting of telecom and utility companies in the Benelux. The company is active in field management services and software, outsourcing and telecom network infrastructure services. Subsidiary Teletronika is a specialist in the field of consultancy, design, construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures. Its core activities include fibre-optic and coaxial technology. Teletronika works for major operators of underground and above-ground infrastructures in the energy, telecommunications and cable sector in the Benelux.

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