You are not extracting full benefit of capital framework, construction firm tells NHS

You are not extracting full benefit of capital framework, construction firm tells NHS

Hemel Hempstead, 9 May 2019 - Hospitals are failing to capitalise on the potential of the framework for delivering their capital projects, says major contractor BAM.

Jonathan Ainley, the Frameworks Manager for BAM Construct UK has urged the NHS to engage even earlier with contractors under the Procure22 (P22) capital framework.

In a blog published on BAM’s website, Jonathan Ainley, said: ‘Our partnership with the NHS under the P22 Framework has already resulted in a range of standard room designs, standard assemblies and standard components, free P22 training, a suite of guidance documents covering the use of BIM, pre- and post-occupancy evaluation and Government Soft Landings (GSL). Millions of pounds of project savings prove that this behind-the-scenes work delivers. Engaging us earlier would accelerate the scale of these benefits. We know how to design, cost and construct healthcare facilities. Involving us from the very start would only add further value and reduce abortive work.’

Jonathan Ainley said the current framework has transformed UK healthcare projects UK since 2003 by virtually eliminating delays and cost overruns.

But he said some still view the collaborative partnership with suspicion, which is holding NHS Trusts back from getting more out of the expertise that contractors and their supply chain partners have to offer.

Mr Ainley added: ‘The mind-set must change from seeing us as principally builders appointed for a single building or a group of buildings to seeing us as long-term partners helping deliver service improvement and organisational changes through well-designed, flexible and efficient facilities across multiple sites and providers.’

BAM believes that earlier engagement would provide reduce construction risk, improve sequencing and buildability, empower modern construction methods and improve cost information. In turn this would help Trusts align estates with clinical requirements and outputs.

Jonathan Ainley concluded by urging Trusts to take the next step in collaboration now, saying: ‘There is a precedent. At the Erasmus Medisch Centrum in Rotterdam, the operator is reducing operating costs with help from asset data supplied by us as the contractor. We can do the same for an NHS trust here. Data is another under-exploited estate asset waiting for Trusts to take advantage of it. The facility and assets become a living database; a mine of valuable information that have the potential to reduce future operating costs during management. Surely it is better to work together collaboratively at an early stage than discovering too late that a project is unaffordable?’

You can read the full blog here.

Further information: Mark Slattery, Press and Media Manager, BAM Construct UK Ltd, 01442 238415.