Pitlochry historic railway feature returned

21 August 2019 16:51 - BAM Nuttall Ltd
Pitlochry historic railway feature returned

Camberley, 15 August 2019 - Pitlochry community welcomed the return of an historic railway feature in celebration of the completion of the Highland Mainline project. The Pitlochry station fountain was restored to the platform following a full refurbishment.

To help celebrate, The Highland Mainline Community Rail Partnership and local residents arranged a reception for BAM Nuttall staff at the station presenting a 150th birthday cake to the staff.

Stuart Mackay, Regional Communications Manager for BAM Nuttall said: ‘This project will now generate benefits for thousands of passengers on this route. Many of those passengers will be visiting the area to enjoy the beautiful scenery, history and heritage of the region, this fountain is now back in its rightful place and is central to one of the highlands most beautiful stations. The project team worked hard to involve the community in all our decision making to overcome the challenges. Most staff have now moved onto other projects and it was a real honour to represent the team and heat the praise from within the community.

The event was arranged to say thanks for all the hard working staff that committed themselves to the job.’

Staff installing the fountain were treated with a tea party in the local referent community and a surprise BAM 150 birthday cake.

The fountain is the only known of its kind, with one similar housed inside the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The project will feature on a new TV programme starting Monday 26 August.