BAM’s sustainable asphalt mix LEAB is officially certified

Asphalting at night

Gouda, 10 April 2020 – BAM’s sustainable process to produce low-energy asphalt concrete (LEAB, after its Dutch name) has received the official seal of approval of CROW, the Dutch technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space. This certification by the experts of CROW’s asphalt quality steering group validates our claims regarding reduced CO2 emissions, costs of environmental impact (‘MKI’), civil engineering qualities and processability. In essence, this paves the way for 100% application of sustainable asphalt in future road projects.

Lower temperatures

A key factor in the production of low-energy asphalt concrete is the use of foamed bitumen. This allows BAM to reduce processing temperatures from 165 to about 110 degrees Celsius. Consequently, much less natural gas is required to fuel the asphalt plants and a significant reduction of CO2 and nitrogen is achieved.

700,000 tonnes of LEAB

BAM’s asphalt plants have the capacity for large-scale sustainable production of almost every type of asphalt mixture, including porous asphalt (‘ZOAB’) and stone-matrix asphalt (SMA). In its projects in the Netherlands, BAM has already applied more than 700,000 tonnes of LEAB-produced asphalt, thanks to the close collaboration with clients who are equally convinced of the value of this innovative and sustainable method of asphalt production.

Stacked innovations

In its efforts to create a more sustainable asphalt market, BAM is also working on solutions such as increasing recycling percentages and improving the longevity of its mixtures. The great thing about LEAB technology is that it allows us to stack as many innovative methods as we like. Each of our mixtures can benefit from a range of innovations!     

Rémy van den Beemt, BAM Infra’s Head of Technology: ‘BAM is a forward-thinking company, which has always had its eye on the development of sustainable production methods. Our solutions enable us to contribute to the climate goals of our clients. The fact that we’ve now received CROW certification is truly a crown on our work!’ 

Further information: Bert Ooms, spokesperson for BAM Infra Nederland,