Work starts again to improve flood defences in Lower Bootham

19 June 2020 09:52 - BAM Nuttall Ltd
Work starts again to improve flood defences in Lower Bootham

(Press release Environment Agency:) London, 18 June 2020 - Work is back on track to improve flood protection in a section of the York Flood Alleviation Scheme

Construction work is starting again to improve flood defences in the Lower Bootham area in a bid to help better protect 134 properties.

The area already has embankment defences in the grounds of St Olave’s and St Peter’s schools and a flood wall in the gardens of Almery Terrace but these are at risk of over-topping in the future and so the plan is to raise their standard of protection.

The flood alleviation work is being carried out in three phases and includes:-

  • Raising the existing embankment along St Peter’s and St Olave’s School playing fields
  • Extending the length of the existing embankment through St Peter’s playing field
  • Raising the height of the existing flood wall at the back of Almery Terrace using glass panels to reduce the visual impact of this wall and maintain views and natural light for the properties
  • Funding grants for Property Flood Resilience for homes at risk of flooding in Government House Road.

Last year the Environment Agency started on phase one of works - raising a section of the embankment in the grounds of St Peter’s School. However, due to adverse weather in November, this work was delayed but has now re-started by contractor BAM Nuttall.

A transition wall is being built to link the new housing development next to Almery Terrace and the new higher embankment. The plan is to complete improvements to defences in this area of the city by the end of the year.

The site compound is now up and running on fields belonging to St Peter’s School. To make sure that construction vehicles can easily access the site, parking restrictions will be in place during weekdays on Westminster Road to avoid congestion.

To complete the construction of the defences, some paths will need to be closed temporarily:-

  • The riverside path directly next to Almery Terrace will be closed during the construction of the embankment and whilst gates and glass panels are installed at properties. Closures will be from around early August until late October during working hours 8am – 5pm, but not every day.
  • The Almery steps footpath will also be closed whilst we increase the height of the adjacent wall and for some of the time we are working on the adjacent Network Rail land. This is estimated to be from early September to late October.
  • The footpath from the end of Westminster Road to the river will need to be closed whilst working is carried out to improve the flood embankment. This closure is currently estimated to be from the end of August.

David Morey, flood risk adviser with the Environment Agency, said: ‘Our aim is provide much better flood protection for this community by improving our defences from Coppins Farm to Scarborough Bridge. We have been working hard to reschedule our work to ensure as much as possible can be carried out safely under the Government guidelines related to social distancing and that delays caused by the effects of this coronavirus pandemic are kept to an absolute minimum. We will continue to keep residents up to date with progress on the scheme and any changes including necessary footpath closures. You can sign up to our regular electronic newsletters by emailing:

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