Denmark Hill station shortlisted for Sustainable Business Award at Rail Awards 2021

9 June 2021 12:33 - BAM Nuttall Ltd
Denmark Hill station

Camberley, 4 June 2021 - Denmark Station Enhancement Project in London has been shortlisted for the Sustainable Business Award at Rail Awards 2021.

Denmark Hill station is one of the busiest stations in South London, with annual passenger numbers reaching 7 million. It is located between King’s College hospital and Maudsley hospital, and has remained busy throughout the pandemic.

BAM’s work at Denmark Hill station included creating an additional station entrance conveniently located between the two hospital entrances to help reduce the station congestion.

As station overcrowding and passenger safety needed to be addressed urgently, BAM Nuttall worked closely with Network Rail, Train Operator GTR and their design contractor INVVU to reduce the design and delivery stages from what usually takes 4-5 years, down to just two and a half years.

Sustainability was at the heart of the planning and design phases, and well as being integral to the station’s construction and operation. The project used sustainable materials in more efficient ways including sheet piling made of 60% recycled steel which was then capped and left in place to become part of the permanent works. Low-emissions construction plant was also used on the project. This helped reduced needless traffic in and out of the site, and vehicle mileage and emissions.

The station’s new roof space saw an innovative voltaic film installed instead of standard voltaic glass panels, which will generate electricity to power the station. The film is more damage resistant than voltaic glass panels, has a typical life span of over 40 years and is easier to inspect and maintain.

The use of this new super-lightweight film is a first at a UK station and can be added to any roof surface. The film charges without direct sunlight, and produces electricity even when it’s cloudy. The voltaic film generates more electricity than the station requires, reducing the station’s carbon emissions, with surplus electricity fed back to the National Grid making the station the first carbon-positive station enhancement in the UK.

The project also included the creation of new overhead canopies for platforms 2, 3 and 4. The needs of the station users was also considered with the final design including the provision of perching places for those with mobility issues, embossed signage and single colour flooring for those with sight restrictions. A new secure 85 space bicycle parking facility (including spaces for disability cycles) was also created outside the additional entrance, which station users had requested.

Huw Jones, Divisional Director Rail, said: ‘We’re delighted to have been part of delivering new innovative, sustainable solutions across the rail network, creating the first carbon net-positive station enhancement in the UK, developed over a compressed timescale in full alignment with the principles of Project SPEED, and in close partnership with Network Rail and GTR. Our work at this station significantly improves the passenger experience, whilst the opportunity to generate electricity on site will not only help the rail industry in reducing its carbon emissions, but also offers substantial cost savings to Network Rail. The project’s nomination for the Sustainable Business Award at the Rail Awards 2021 recognises the use of innovative solutions that help meet our commitment to the rail industry’s common sustainability goals. Congratulations to the team for the nomination, we wish them the best of luck.’