BAM awarded gold status by the Supply Chain Sustainability School

29 April 2022 13:43 - BAM Nuttall Ltd
Sustainability School Gold Badge

Camberley, 26 April 2022 - BAM Nuttall and BAM Plant have been awarded gold status for the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Commitment Charter. BAM Nuttall first became signatories of the charter in 2020, but reapplied to comply with recent changes in SCSS’s membership criteria.

Signatories to the Charter make a public commitment to reduce air quality and greenhouse gas emissions from the plant and equipment they use on site. 

This commitment is described through five aspects: minimum engine standards in procurement; engagement with stakeholders; awareness, training and education; measurement and reporting; and innovation. It is now on its second incarnation, having been updated by the Plant Group recently, more of which can be read here.

BAM Nuttall and BAM Plant provided evidence to the School for assessment against the five commitments to demonstrate their work on actively reducing air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, and is the only member to have been awarded gold in both categories.

BAM Plant and Fleet Compliance Manager, Gary Todd, said: ‘We are proud to have been awarded Gold status for both BAM Nuttall and BAM Plant. We’ve supported the work of the school since the first iteration of the Plant Charter minimum standards in 2020 and we’re fully behind the aims of the organisation. As a leading contractor, BAM recognises its responsibility to positively impact society and encourage the right behaviours in all our key stakeholders.’

The Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Head of Consultancy & Carbon, James Cadman, said: ‘We’re excited to see another important contractor coming forward to publicly state their intentions for lower and zero emissions equipment.’

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is working with industry partners across the sector to devise plans that will drastically reduce harmful emissions during the construction phase of a project.