Response BAM to Minister Harbers' letter to Dutch Parliament regarding Afsluitdijk project

20 May 2022 20:32 - Royal BAM Group nv

Bunnik, the Netherlands, 20 May 2022 - Royal BAM Group nv has taken note of the letter that Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management sent to the Dutch Parliament on 20 May regarding the Afsluitdijk project. BAM has been in constructive dialogue with the client Rijkswaterstaat and supports the agreements on compensation for additional works and the change of project assignments.

In the full-year 2021 press release, published 17 February 2022, BAM has stated it has incorporated the envisaged financial impact of the solution in the result for the year 2021. The solution is in line with BAM’s previous assumption and does not change the earlier provided outlook, whereby BAM expects an improvement of the adjusted EBITDA margin in 2022 compared with the 3.8 per cent reported over the year 2021.

Click here for the (Dutch) letter of minister Harbers to Parliament.

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