Invesis consortium ABC 02 reaches financial close with vzw Ignatius Schools in Motion for the Egied Van Broeckhoven School


(Press release Invesis:) Brussels, 1 July 2022 - Quality education goes hand in hand with quality infrastructure and the Flemish Government is committed to investing in school infrastructure. Through project-specific Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) agreements which provide an alternative financing option with the private sector, Agion, an independent agency for Infrastructure in Education established by the Flemish Government, has created a programme for public-private investment to deliver brand new and renovated schools. This DBFM programme includes 42 projects scattered over 13 clusters and will create a total of 250,000 m² of new school buildings. The Egied Van Broeckhoven school in Brussels, Belgium, is the first project within this programme.

Invesis - Alheembouw

The Invesis and Alheembouw consortium, named ABC 02, have successfully signed the contract with the board of the Egied Van Broeckhoven School, marking a major milestone being the first project in this DBFM schools programme of the Flemish Government. The design, construction, financing and maintenance of the first Dutch-speaking secondary school in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek is now underway and will provide 12,975 m² of new and renovated buildings with an estimated investment of over €35 million.

To deliver on the high ambitions of the non-profit client organisation ‘vzw Ignatius Schools in Motion’, project management will be provided by PREO, Alheembouw is responsible for the construction of the project and responsible for the design is B2Ai architects. BAM FM will provide facilities management of the infrastructure for a period of 30 years. Equity will be provided by Invesis (50%) and Alheembouw (50%), and debt is provided by recognised financing parties in the Belgium market, KBC Bank NV and Baloise Belgium NV. Invesis and Alheembouw will also provide the Contract and Financial Management for the full 30 year concession period.

Switch between city and society

The establishment of the Egied Van Broeckhoven School is an initiative by the non-profit organisation [vzw] Ignatius Schools in Motion. The brand new school will be situated in the multicultural district around the West station in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, in the buildings of the former Vandenheuvel brewery and will form part of its immediate environment and the social fabric of the neighbourhood. The new infrastructure will also allow a wide range of classrooms and outdoor spaces to be used for non-school activities outside of school hours, serving as a community building to offer young people a meeting place to interact with one another in a neighbourhood known as a melting pot of different cultures and religions.

Unique offer for 860 students

Egied Van Broeckhoven School offers a unique range of study options within two domains, aligned with the needs of the Brussels metropolis: the science domain ‘STEM’ and the healthcare domain ‘Welfare & Society’. These include general courses, technical courses and occupational studies specifically focussed on the job market. When the school opens in September 2024, 860 students will be able to take lessons in modern and contemporary classrooms for practical and theoretical courses, in an environment with open learning landscapes, multifunctional and project spaces and a sports hall.


Client vzw Ignatius Schools in Motion
Consortium ABC 02 (Invesis - Alheembouw)
Equity providers Invesis (50%) and Alheembouw (50%)
Debt providers KBC Bank NV and Baloise Belgium NV
EPC contractor Alheembouw
O&M contractor BAM FM
Project management PREO
Architecture B2Ai architects
Stability/techniques/acoustics VK architects & engineers
Landscape architect Stefaan Thiers


Start of work 2 June 2022
Execution period 25 months

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