Announcement dividend exchange ratio

Bunnik, the Netherlands - The number of dividend rights providing an entitlement to one ordinary share of Royal BAM Group nv (the exchange ratio) has been set at 19.37.

This is based on a share price of €3.8747; the volume weighted average price of all Royal BAM Group nv shares traded on Euronext Amsterdam during the period from 26, 29 and 30 April 2024. This represents 1/19.37 Royal BAM Group nv share and a value of €0.20.

52.0 per cent of the shareholders have opted for dividend in stock, corresponding with a delivery of 7,216,389 ordinary shares. These shares are currently held by BAM as treasury shares.

The payment of the cash dividend or delivery of shares will take place at 8 May 2024. BAM will repurchase shares to offset the dilution for the scrip alternative.

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