BAM supports a Blueprint for Growth: Boosting the UK’s growth and productivity through the construction industry

BAM has today, together with 12 Tier One UK infrastructure and construction contractors and consultants, published a Blueprint for Growth, sharing 12 recommendations that the future government should implement to effectively boost the UK’s economic growth and productivity.

Collectively directly employing nearly 100,000 people across the UK and representing £25 billion of UK revenue – which can be factored by at least a three-fold economic impact as infrastructure investment generates significant wider economic benefit in the wider supply chain and communities – the Blueprint for Growth represents the asks of a significant portion of the UK infrastructure and construction industry.

With the current Government’s Major Projects Portfolio consisting of an unprecedented 244 projects requiring delivery, and an established and clear correlation between investment in infrastructure and GDP growth – with the industry one of the most effective, efficient, and sustainable ways of spreading jobs and skills across the country – the Blueprint for Growth is a clear collective ask to align on a number of key areas:

  1. Depoliticise infrastructure.
  2. Appoint a Cabinet Minister responsible for infrastructure.
  3. Increase private investment in public infrastructure.
  4. Timely, holistic decision-making on key areas.
  5. Improve budget setting for infrastructure schemes.
  6. Efficient risk allocation.
  7. Investment continuity.
  8. Simplify the judicial review process.
  9. Mandate consideration of the national interest.
  10. Self-certification system to accelerate delivery of infrastructure projects
  11. Transform the Apprenticeship Levy.
  12. A flexible immigration system.

The Blueprint for Growth represents a notable collective commitment from the UK infrastructure and construction industry to collaborate with policymakers, industry stakeholders and government agencies to help develop the twelve recommendations and realise the shared vision of a thriving infrastructure sector which continues to drive sustainable growth, create jobs and build a brighter future for the UK.

To read the Blueprint for Growth in full, click here.

BAM supports a Blueprint for Growth: Boosting the UK’s growth and productivity through the construction industry