Abu Dhabi hotel first to establish grey water reuse system; BAM International achieves full Pearl 2 rating on the Premier Inn Hotel project

The Premier Inn Hotel project at Abu Dhabi

8 April 2013, Dubai, UAE: The Premier Inn Hotel project at Abu Dhabi International Airport, due for completion later this month by construction company BAM International, is rated among the most eco-friendly in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The facility is the first in the Emirate to recycle used wash basin, bath and shower water, which is treated and later reused in toilets and for watering the surrounding landscape. Additionally, solar collectors on the roof provide for 25% of the establishment’s hot water production and an evaporative pre-cooler to the air conditioning chillers further reduces energy costs.

This is according to Danny Leslie, Sustainability Consultant at BAM International, Dubai, the contractor behind the construction, technology and infrastructure at the Premier Inn.

As part of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s ‘Plan 2030’ to green the built environment, the Urban Planning Council has instituted mandatory green building regulations for all new projects. While all new projects must obtain at least a basic ‘Pearl 1’ rating, according to the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS), the Premier Inn Hotel will achieve Pearl 2 status.

Additionally, BAM International has ensured that the various innovative and efficient green building strategies on the project have been implemented.

‘The BAM International team created a comprehensive Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that accounts for dust control, noise, storm water runoff, and various other key performance indices’, says Leslie. ‘We also incorporated a waste management plan that allows for over 85% of construction and demolition debris to be recycled or salvaged.  In terms of indoor environmental quality, all adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used on the building interior are low emitting, contributing to a less toxic indoor environment. Due to the environmental impact associated with shipping materials, BAM International procured as many materials as possible from the local area. This included using local manufacturers for tile, aluminium cladding, glass, and block work.’

Speaking with regards to the quality of safety implemented during construction, William Leeman, Property, Projects & Facility Manager, Premier Inn Hotels, says: ‘The project boasts an outstanding safety record which includes over one million man hours being worked without any lost time due to injury on site. This shows a team of well managed employees committed to the safety of its team members. As Premier Inn is always conscious of its staff welfare, BAM International has shown great commitment to us as a client, to their staff and to the UAE.’

Leslie adds: ‘The BAM International team is proud to be working on such a high-quality project that seeks to contribute to a more liveable community for current as well as future generations.’

BAM International is one of the few contractors in the Middle East to have its own internal sustainability department, which is a useful advantage when competing for new projects in the region, the majority of which have PBRS or similar sustainability requirements.

About the Pearl Rating System:
Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) compliance involves factors related to land use, water efficiency, energy, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. PBRS concepts run in parallel with other successful, globally recognized green building rating systems such as BREEAM in the U.K. and LEED in the U.S. While similar concepts and standards are used, PBRS has been customized to recognize the unique and pressing issues facing projects in the Middle East, such a heightened need for water efficiency as well as cool building strategies.

About BAM International:
BAM International, as the company is known outside of Europe, is the worldwide operating construction company of the Dutch based Royal BAM Group. Founded in 1869, Royal BAM Group is now market leader in the Netherlands and one of the largest European construction firms with leading market positions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and Germany. Royal BAM Group is active in the sectors construction and M&E services, civil engineering, property and public-private partnerships.

BAM International offers a complete range of services in all fields of construction. Its expertise is management of design teams and execution of marine, infrastructural, industrial and building projects outside Europe.

The company incorporates a network of regional offices covering large parts of the Middle East/Gulf States area, which allows the company to offer personalised design and construction services to local clients.

BAM International has operated in the Middle East and Gulf States since the early seventies and was formerly known as Interbeton and Higgs & Hill. The company has built power plants and hotels in Abu Dhabi, ports in Qatar and Oman and high rise buildings in Dubai and Qatar. Recently completed projects include a large complex of offices, hotel and apartments in Dubai, jetty extensions in Qatar and Fujairah, luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi, as well as a high rise office tower and a large office and apartment complex in Qatar.

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