Announcement of the winner Liège - Guillemins / Paradis Phase 2

30 April 2015 11:07 - BAM Interbuild bv
Announcement of the winner Liège - Guillemins / Paradis Phase 2

(Press release Befimmo:) Brussels, Belgium, 16 April 2015 - The jury unanimously selected the ‘Paradis Express’ project as the winner of the competition. The entire jury was impressed by its concept, architecture and skyline.

In consultation with the city of Liège and the Walloon Region, in late 2013 Fedimmo, subsidiary of Befimmo, launched a call for projects procedure for the construction of a mixed real-estate project of approximately 35,000 m² on the site it owns, adjoining the new Finance Tower and located along the future esplanade opposite the Guillemins station.

Four teams selected from among the interested candidates (architects, engineering firms and general contractors) each proposed an ambitious project meeting particular specifications.

An advisory committee and then a jury composed of representatives of the city of Liège, the Walloon Region (its Walloon Minister of the environment, spatial planning and mobility), the Société de Développement Liège Guillemins (SDLG), the Commission Consultative pour l’Aménagement du Territoire (CCAT), Fedimmo and an urban development architect and real-estate expert, conducted a thorough analysis of the four projects submitted.

Following this analysis, the jury unanimously selected the ‘Paradis Express’ project as the winner of the competition.

The Paradis Express team is composed of the following partners:


  • Association Bureau A2M
  • Bureau d’Architecture Greish
  • Bureau Jaspers & Eyers Architects

Engineering firms

  • Structural engineers: Bureau Lemaire
  • Special techniques: TPF Engineering
  • Acoustics: D2S

Landscape architects

  • Association Heinz Winters - Atelier Paysage

General contractor

  • Association Duchêne - GalèreInterbuild

The project involves the construction of an eco-neighbourhood offering a mix of offices, housing and local shops. The entire jury was impressed by its concept, architecture and skyline.

The site's open aspect, offering broad vistas, very good accessibility and continuity with the public space, is particularly well integrated into its environment and the urban fabric. The landscaping of the surroundings is based on green rolling and tree-studded waves reminiscent of the relief of the city, with its succession of hills and valleys.

All the buildings designed, of high quality, live up to the passive standard and embrace the Near-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) concept. The criteria of quality, comfort and sustainability, in the choice of materials, energy performance, sun exposure, water management, waste, environment and mobility, were rigorously studied and rationally optimised. Finally, the project offers the BREEAM-recognised environmental certification.

As required by the regulations, the project is subject to an impact assessment and one or more single permit applications. The project will be actually implemented when the occupancy risk is adequately covered.

Fedimmo wishes to sincerely thank all candidates for the quality of the projects submitted and the work involved.

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