BAM and Imtech: multi-year maintenance contract for 400 Rijkswaterstaat buildings

5 November 2012 17:46 - BAM Bouw en Techniek bv

Bunnik / Gouda, 5 November 2012 - The Rijkswaterstaat Centre for Corporate Services has commissioned BAM Utiliteitsbouw and technical services provider Imtech for the maintenance of approximately 400 properties (district offices, support points, sheds and salt sheds) at some 150 locations throughout the Netherlands. The contract has a term of four years with the option of two one-year renewals. Representing a total contract value for BAM and Imtech of more than €20 million, it is one of the largest contracts for constructural and technical maintenance and management in the Netherlands.

The Rijkswaterstaat Centre for Corporate Services started a management and maintenance programme in 2010 to increase the efficiency of the management and maintenance process. Actions in this context include active maintenance (including compliance with statutory requirements), an increase in scale and the further professionalization and standardization of the management and maintenance organization. The transition from a process organization (focused on execution) to a coordinating organization (focused on steering) is part of this. This has resulted in an innovative performance specification for management and maintenance.

BAM Utiliteitsbouw and Imtech are responsible throughout the contract period for the maintenance of the buildings owned by Rijkswaterstaat. The activities include the planning, preparation, performance and improvement of the structural and technical maintenance (preventive maintenance), the remedying and handling of complaints (corrective maintenance), the performance of and reporting on (maintenance) inspections and tests and the measurement and demonstrable improvement of user satisfaction. Energy savings will be implemented where possible as well. BAM Utiliteitsbouw will concentrate on all constructural matters and Imtech will be responsible for all technical matters, such as energy, ventilation, climate and electrical engineering solutions.

BAM Utiliteitsbouw has broad experience in property management and maintenance. Its projects include the Atrium Building in Amsterdam, the Gooi-Noord Hospital in Blaricum and Unilever's buildings in Vlaardingen. BAM Utiliteitsbouw has a specialized subsidiary, BAM Gebouwbeheer, for complex maintenance projects that take place on the national scale.

Imtech is one of the Netherlands' strongest parties in technical maintenance and management. Examples include all the buildings of KPMG and Commerzbank.