BAM Steel Structures receives order for a suspension bridge in Norway

20 July 2004 10:27 - BAM Infra bv

Schiedam, the Netherlands – BAM Steel Structures received the order for supply and installation of the cable structure and the steel structure for the main span of the Feda Fjord Bridge in Norway. The bridge is part of an 18 kilometre long stretch of new road in the vicinity of Flekkefjord in Southwest Norway. The new road includes seven tunnels and eight bridges.

The Feda Fjord Bridge has a main span of 335 meters and is the largest of the eight bridges. It will be constructed as a suspension bridge, a familiar bridge type in Norway. The steel structure weighs 1.400 tonnes, while a total of 350 tonnes of cables has to be installed.

BAM Steel Structures received the order from VKR Group, a joint venture between Veidekke Entreprenør, Kruse Smith and Br. Reme, which is responsible for the construction of the new road and the upgrading of 20 kilometers of existing road, in order from Allfarveg AS. With this order,

BAM Steel Structures constructs its fourth suspension bridge in Norway. The contract value is approximately 11 million euros. Completion of the bridge is scheduled for July 2006.

BAM Steel Structures is part of Royal BAM Group nv.

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