Brewaba has strong presence in North German estuaries

5 February 2002 12:22 - Royal BAM Group nv

The mouths of the rivers Ems, Jade, Weser and Elbe [where Germany’s major ports are concentrated] form the main theatre of operations for Brewaba. This dredging company, which is part of HBG Deutschland, has been active with trailing suction hopper dredgers for many years. Core activities are maintenance dredging, land reclamation and beach replenishment.

The biggest project at the moment is supplying sand to a new factory site for aircraft manufacturer DASA. And for the next ten years, a number of container terminals already have expansion plans finalised. Since joining the fleet in 2000, HAM 317 has been regularly found in North German waters. Earlier this year, a discharge nozzle mounted amidships was used to build an underwater slope for the construction of a wharf. Recently, a navigation channel in the Port of Hamburg was deepened over a distance of 1.5 kilometres. Part of the same contract involved removing 180,000 m3 of sand from the Elbe. The spoil was used to fill smaller harbour basins to meet the huge demand for container storage capacity.