Cork gets proper main drains

10 May 2001 17:10 - Royal BAM Group nv

Cork is finally getting a proper system for disposing of its sewage. Wastewater is currently discharged at various points, almost untreated, into the River Lee, which runs through the heart of this city on the southern Irish coast. Thanks to the efforts of Ascon and Nuttall, among others, this situation will soon be a thing of the past.

'The project comprises the construction of Interceptor Sewer Number One including eight shafts for connecting surrounding sewerage systems, as well as the River Lee Siphon. The latter section will be completed by pipe jacking rather than tunnelling. The tunnel, which has a diameter of three metres, will carry the wastewater to the Atlantic Pond Station, which is being built by Ascon under a separate contract. From this pumping station the wastewater will initially be discharged via an outfall pipe into the river. At a future date, the wastewater will be pumped to a sewage treatment station', explains Adrian Cunningham, project manager for Ascon.