HBG back to college Huddersfield

31 July 2001 15:10 - Royal BAM Group nv

HBG has gone back to college in Huddersfield where, for the second time in three years, its green hoarding has become a familiair sight on the University's town centre campus. The construction of a new three-storey teaching block for the School of Education and Professionl Development is well under way at a canalbank location.

It's the third phase of the University's Canalside development and will provide 2,700 square meters of floor space, primarily for use by the school of Education, allthough a prime groundfloor section will accommodate the School of Engineering's new Centre for Precision Technology.

The final stages of construction will take place during the summer vacation months, coinciding with the re-opening of the adjacent canal. The new building will then be ready for operation at the start of the new academic year.