HBG Steel structures in action for 'green power' in Denmark

12 August 2001 14:42 - Royal BAM Group nv

HBG Steel structures [part of HBG Civiel] has won an order for the detail design and construction of a transformer platform for an offshore wind farm in Denmark. This wind farm, comprising 80 turbines, will be located in the North Sea more than 15 kilometres off the coast near Esbjerg.

The electricity generated by the wind turbines will be converted on the transformer platform from 5 x 36 kilovolts to 170 kilovolts for onward transmission via submarine cables to a switching station on shore. The platform measures 30 by 20 metres and, including equipment, helicopter deck and service units, weighs 1,000 tonnes. The shore-based control system is fully automatic. The whole structure stands on foundations formed by three piles.

HBG Steel structures has already started pile driving in the seabed. The depth of water at the site is approximately eight metres. Platform installation is scheduled for April 2002. This is also the starting date for the construction of the wind farm, which will have a capacity of 150 megawatts.

The order is worth £8.5 million to HBG Steel structures, which has a great deal of experience with the design and construction of offshore modules for oil and gas production.