Impressive HST station in Liège

11 May 2001 17:09 - BAM Galère srl

In Liège Galère, part of HBG Civiel, has started work on the construction of a new station on the high-speed rail link between Paris and Cologne. The project is being carried out by a joint venture on behalf of Belgian Railways. The construction period will last five years.

The Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, who also has stations in Zurich, Lisbon and Lyons to his credit, has designed an impressive roof of steel and glass forming an elegant arch above the tracks. The station is on levels, including a three-level parking garage. The new station is being built 150 metres to one side of the existing Liège Guillemins Station. This new location was necessary to permit the construction of straight 450 metres long platforms. The project is worth £14 million to Galère alone.