Innovative tunnel lining system: the spraying robot

3 March 2002 11:10 - BAM Infra bv

No wonder the HBG Civiel workers whistle while they work in the Western Scheldt Tunnel in the South of the Netherlands. The tedious job of spraying the concrete lining on the tunnel walls is being undertaken by their new workmate, who never takes a break and never complains. How come? Because it's a robot! HBG developed the machine in conjunction with another construction firm forming part of the joint venture responsible for the project.

The advanced, computer-controlled installation can apply a fireproof rendering quickly and evenly. The spraying robot was specially developed for the Western Scheldt Tunnel, but it will also be usable on other tunnel projects with a few modifications. The automated concrete spraying system is easy to operate and quick. One man sets the computer controlling the spraying arm using a portable control panel and another operates and monitors the computer on the mixing truck while others have the job of tidying up after the spraying operation.