Major rail contracts for British civil company Royal BAM Group

15 December 2005 19:52 - BAM Nuttall Ltd

Rail contracts valued in excess of EUR 175 million (GBP 115 million) have been awarded to Royal BAM Group’s operating company Edmund Nuttall Ltd by client Network Rail. The larger of the two contracts sees a continuation of the framework agreement that has been operating in the South-East of England since 2001. This EUR 153 million (GBP 100 million) contract which will commence in April 2006 and run for five years provides for the maintenance of structures throughout the region. The well established team based in Crawley, West Sussex has already had to deal with a number of complex projects such as the renewal of ten bridges at Clapham Junction in a 102 hour possession during Easter 2004.

The second contract, valued at EUR 23 million (GBP 15 million) will form part of Network Rail’s programme of works to upgrade its telecommunications. The work which has been designated GSM-R/FTN stands for Global System for Mobile communications, Rail and Fixed Telecom Network. The scope will include the laying of fibre optic and copper core cabling. The work will be undertaken in a number of remote but picturesque locations like the Settle to Carlisle line and routes through Central Wales as well as high speed West Coast routes.

Further information: A.C. Pronk, + 31 (0)30 659 86 21.